Google, aidez nous; help us

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GOOGLE people,

In the attached letter, you will understand why we come to you with a special request.

Fibromyalgia has more than 100 different symptoms and to this day, science has failed to help us.

Authorities as well as research are not willing to invest whether into research or into the dealing of our suffering (although we represent at least 5 % of the working population).

We need you and the power of your service centers as well as the creative genius of your teams.

We offer you a challenge beneficial to all parts involved.

Your time and your tools will be necessary for this challenge.

We ask you to put at our disposal the adequate means to treat a worldwide survey.

Indeed, if the symptoms are the same for all fibromyalgias, the causes of this disease are yet to be discovered.

There has been hints such as environmental, moral, psychological or even social causes but we really have no idea as to what can engender these sufferings.

Pollution? Radioactivity? Electromagnetic waves? Fertilizers or pesticides?

This is all to be discovered and will not be unless all elements and their correlation are put in common.

You used Google earth to track a flu epidemic in the usa, you can do the same for us!

We do need you to win this fight quickly, we cannot cope with these pains anymore all the more so as we don’t understand why…

You can get huge advertising, as well as the possibility to take part in the research for the necessary medicines and treatments.

In any case, it will be for you an opportunity to use your resources to a massive scientific work which could lead to numerous new applications and to important scientific progress.

You have the means and you can get a lot out of it.

Thank you for your support


The movement of active fibromyalgics


MaBruetOrka ou la maladie inconnue

ps: this letter has already been sent to Google France, but without any success.

We hope you will understand our call.

Mr and Mrs candidate,

We appeal to you so as to inform you about our main preoccupation and ask you what you would do if you were elected.

This is about people who suffer from fibromyalgia.

It is not a well-known disease, but it is spreading rapidly.

Constant pains, extreme tiredness, migraines, allergies and many other different symptoms are what we have to endure everyday, in fact, there are more than a hundred different types of fibromyalgias.

This disease has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization, but it is still very much unknown even amongst medical people.

We often suffer in silence, because we are too exhausted and even if it is not a fatal disease, it is nonetheless very disabling.

Sometimes only a shout, the heat, the cold, frustration can be at the source of painful fits, which are difficult to treat, even with morphine derivatives.


Science is not very helpful, first of all because doctors have difficulties in making a clear diagnosis, for it is sometimes accompanied by other diseases or by depression.

Making a list of our daily and permanent sufferings would be too long here but you can find many sites and associations which represent us to find more about it.

We need to be listened to

we need to be heard

we need to be acknowledged

We ask you to commit yourself on the means to fight against this crazy disease which leaves us lifeless and without the strength to fight back.

However it is possible as some of us succeed in getting out of it, but they are few

proper means must be used to research on this disease and especially to help us cope with the various pains we are enduring.

We want to be assisted in various daily acts which have become too strenuous for us.

We need help to be able to keep working, maybe by redefining some posts, or the timetables of these posts…some of us may also need to be recognized as cases of disability

We also need to have a better social security cover as many medicines, which can be helpful to us are not refunded, we can also mention that other possibilities such as courses of treatment, homeopathy, massages, baths and so on which can really help relieve our pains, should be taken into account and paid for.

Finally, we demand a team of professionals including different disciplines to be specially in charge of assisting us and make this disease publicly known and accepted .

Therefore, our society will be able to understand our pains and sufferings and see us in a different way.

Madam and sir, we are suffering.

Sometimes we have problems getting up or walking, yet if you see us in the street you will not notice for we show nothing, this disease cannot be seen from the outside.

That’s why we ask you to inform us about your moves and the support you are willing to give us.

You must understand that it is difficult for us to get up, and it would be easy not to go and vote, because it is for us exhausting to think things over in order to choose a candidate.

Thank you for reading us, we hope to hear from your proposals and your ideas soon.

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